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Mill House is your kit supplier!

The Mill House is selling premium wine, beer, cider and cooler kits. We are at the back of the main building, as a temporary location untill the U-Vin build is complete!

Our U-Brew / U-Vin facility is in the build mode as you read this. We are hoping for a late spring / early summer opening. We'll keep you informed here if you care to bookmark this site.

Mill House sells only premium kits. Most are products represented by Canada's largest manufacturer, RJ Spagnols. There is product available anywhere from 4 week wine kits up to 8 week wine kits. The 8 week wine kits have more juice in the kit, producing a more complex wine, usually with bigger body. The 4 week kits are great to consume from right away, and consumed within a year or so.


RJ Spagnols also features great no-boil beer kits from the Brew House, that are premium, all fresh wart kits. It's so simple to make your own beer at home now! Millhouse also sells a great variety of Coopers beer kits.....these are an excellect value, and make really great beer....again, no boil!

Latest News

Mill House Sets up Shop

Mill House Vine & Brew Company has set up a store display that is now available to purchase, wine, beer, ciders and cooler kits. We also stock all the materials and equipment you may need to help make your beverages an enjoyable process.


Mill House starts the store front

The U-Brew / Vin build is started, getting ready to be able to make wine, beer, and ciders on premesis for the people of this region. It's time to make some great drinks for your hospitality and personal enjoyment!